Ilkeston & District Chrysanthemum Society
Early Show 2013
At Trowel Garden Centre, Trowell, Nottinghamshire NG9 3TG
Sunday 15th September 2013
Judge - Roy Turner

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ABOVE: Mick Hogg's Trophy Winning 3 x 5 Sprays
Primrose Enbee Wedding
Honey Enbee Wedding
Enbee Wedding
(Best Vase of Sprays)


ABOVE: Terry Hubbard's Trophy Winning 3 x 5
Cream John Wingfield(Best Vase in Show - Bronze Medal)
Peach John Wingfield
Yellow John Wingfield(Best Exhibit - Silver Medal)


ABOVE: Dave Collishaw's Trophy Winning 3 x 3 Large
Malcolm Perkins
William Florentine
Billy Bell


ABOVE: Len Collishaw's Trophy Winning 1 x 5 Large & 1 x 5 Medium
Max Riley
Billy Bell


ABOVE: Gil Hardy's Trophy Winning 3 x 3 Medium
Honey John Wingfield
Cream John Wingfield
Pink John Wingfield


ABOVE: Mick Henson's Trophy Winning 2 x 5 Double Sprays
2 x Chestnut Talbot Parade


ABOVE: Len Collishaw's Winning 1 x 3
Max Riley


ABOVE: Dave Collishaw's Winning 1 x 5 Intermediate
Lemon Rosa Hockeday


ABOVE: John Sheldon's Winning 1 x 5 Reflexed
Pink John Wingfield


ABOVE: Dave Walker's Winning 1 x 5 Sprays
Myss Marsha


ABOVE: Mick Henson's 1 x 5 Sprays Any Cultivar or Cultivars
Southway Society, Southway Semtex
Rose Enbee Wedding
Honey Enbee Wedding
Pearl Enbee Wedding


ABOVE: General View of Some Exhibits



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