NCS Midland Group Early Show 2012
Held at Wilnecote Parish Hall, Tamworth
Friday 21st September 2012
Judges - Paul Edmands & Martyn Bryans

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ABOVE: Tony Walter's Trophy Winning 3 x 5 Large & Medium
Yellow John Wingfield
Norah Brook
Lorna Wood


ABOVE: Fred Waining's Trophy Winning 6 x 5 Large & Medium
Yellow Courtier, Gold Courtier
Allyson Peace, Peach Venice
Apricot Courtier & Venice
Best Exhibit - Solid Silver Medal


ABOVE: Brian Moore's Trophy Winning 3 x 3 Large
Sussex County
Billy Bell
Yellow Billy Bell


ABOVE: Rodney Harrison's Trophy Winning 2 x 5
Apricot Courtier


ABOVE: Peter Gibson's Trophy Winning 3 x 5 Stem Sprays
White Enbee Wedding
Pink Talbot Parade
Peach Enbee Wedding


ABOVE: Mick Hogg's Trophy Winning 2 x 5 Stem Sprays
Southway Sheba
White Enbee Wedding


ABOVE: Brian Moore's Best Vase of Sprays
Salmon Talbot Parade


ABOVE: Tony Walter's Best Vase of Incurves
Lorna Wood


ABOVE: Stoke-on-Trent Society's (Charlie Gibson) Best Vase of Medium Reflex
Purple Chempak Rose


ABOVE: Ron Jones's Best Vase of Large Intermediate
Billy Bell


ABOVE: Fred Waining's Best Vase of Large Reflex
Allyson Peace
Best Vase in Show
Silver Plated Medal


ABOVE: Tony Walter's Best Vase of Medium Intermediate



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