NCS Midland Group 2010 Late Show
Sunday 7th November 2010
Held at Wilnecote Parish Hall
Judge - Wallace Farr

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ABOVE: Willenhall Society's Winning 1x5 Blooms


ABOVE: Bedworth Society's Trophy Winning Five Vases
Salmon Fairweather
Pat Miller, Woolmans Glory
Golden Gigantic, Gigantic


ABOVE: Bedworth Society's Winning 1x Exhibition
Golden Gigantic


ABOVE: John Nevill's Winning 3x1 Medium Exhibition
3 x Trident
(Best Vase)


ABOVE: Alan Gobsill's Winning 1x Medium Exhibition
Pat Brophy


ABOVE: Geoff & Ann Allen's Winning 2x5 Blooms
Salmon & Honey
Kath Stephenson


ABOVE: Geoff & Ann Allen's Winning 3x3 Blooms
Honey & Primrose
Kath Stephenson
& Kath Stephenson


ABOVE: John Nevill's Winning 1x5 Incurved
Chloe Ball


ABOVE: John Nevill's Winning 1x3 Incurved
Bob Green
(Best Vase Incurved)


ABOVE: Alan Gobsill's Winning 1x5 Reflex or Intermediate
Denise Oatridge


ABOVE: Geoff & Ann Allen's Winning 1x5 Singles
Sheila Coles


ABOVE: Peter Cooke's Winning 1x5 Anemones
Purple First Light
& First Light


ABOVE: Paul Edmand's Winning 3x1 Fantasies
3 x Pink Splendor
(Best Vase)


ABOVE: Paul Edmand's Winning 3 Pots 10" Dia Dwarf Habit
Golden Chalice
(Only one shown in photo)


ABOVE: Geoff & Ann Allen's Best Vase of Singles
Honey Kath Stephenson from
Willenhall Society Exhibit


ABOVE: Rodney Harrison's Best Vase in Show
Harry Tolley again from
Willenhall Society Exhibit



An enjoyable show with good atmosphere especially with the provision of lunch and three society entries, but this show still needs more exhibitors.

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